2020 Election Results

Thank you for voting for candidates who support human rights and justice. We appreciate all the volunteers and organizers, citizens and non-citizens alike, who made this happen. Your vote and grassroots organizing will improve the lives of all in our community. Si se puede!

US President & Vice President

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

  • Will work to assert the United State’s commitment to asylum seekers 

  • Will protect DACA and increase visas

  • Will order an immediate review of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and restore and defend the naturalization process for green card holders. 

26th Congressional District

Julia Brownley

  • Cosponsor of a resolution condemning unwanted and unnecessary medical procedures on individuals detained because of their immigration status

  • Author of the “Protect Victims of Crime Act,” which seeks to expand the amount of Visa U issued each year from 10,000 to 40,000

  • Supports DACA

24th Congressional District

Salud Carbajal

  • Was a co-sponsor of the Keep Families Together Act, which was a bill to stop the Trump Administration from separating families during the deportation process

  • Voted for the Farmworker Modernization Act, a bill designed to provide a path to citizenship for farmworkers

  • Supports DACA

30th Congressional District

Brad Sherman

  • Voted against a bill to build a fence along the US-Mexico border, and he voted against a bill that would have required hospitals to report people who are undocumented who receive treatment. 

  • Is against the separation of families in the deportation process, and has visited detention centers to tour those facilities and speak with people who are being deported.

State Senate District 19

Monique Limón

  • Has consistently voted in favor of legislation protecting people who are undocumented

  • Supports allowing refugees and other special immigrant visa holders to attend California State Universities and California Community Colleges at a resident tuition rate

State Assembly District 44

Jacqui Irwin

  • Has supported immigration reform

  • Has voted on bills to authorize Medi-Cal benefits for people who are undocumented, prohibit prisons from working with ICE contractors, and establish a statewide Sanctuary policy


State Assembly District 45

Jesse Gabriel

  • Author of a bill that passed that was designed for legal aid expansion for those who are low income 

  • Has sued the Trump Administration over its handling of DACA

District 5 Supervisor (VC)

Carmen Ramirez

  • Led the effort of Oxnard’s "Safe City" Resolution (also known as a "Sanctuary City" Resolution) and would support the expansion of it to the county level.

  • Supports the expansion of social services and resources to undocumented people affected by natural disasters and the pandemic.

  • In favor of allowing undocumented people to participate in city boards and commission and make participation accessible.