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Justice for the 805

Social Media Story Storm

Across the country, the uprisings for black lives call on us to integrate racial equity in our work and actively participate in the movement to dismantle white supremacy. Whether we organize on poli-migra entanglement, legal assistance, housing, or more, no effort is complete without addressing the structural racism that continues to target, incarcerate, and detain Black and brown communities. Join us in a “Social Media Story Storm” to engage your audiences about the intersection of racial justice and key issues in your region.

For a week, the 805 Comms HUB will share their stories on Twitter/Insta/FB, to reframe the narrative on racial justice and how it intersects with various issue areas. As experts in your fields, all 805 Communicators are using your own platforms to highlight how racial justice will help all communities thrive.

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As we explore the intersection of race and immigration justice in the 805 region during the #JUSTICE805 week, it’s important that we acknowledge our history of racially-motivated housing policies in our community.


Our national and local history of systemic racism has lasting effects to this day, leaving communities of color and immigrant communities uniquely vulnerable during the pandemic. Join us in supporting #AB1436 to protect tenants from COVID-related evictions.

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Civic Engagement


Completing the 2020 census ensures that your community is accurately represented and receives the correct amount of funds it needs for the betterment of our communities. So please do not forget to complete your 2020 census visiting, calling 844-330-2020, or by submitting the form by mail. Also, take some time to remind your friends and neighbors about the census. The future generation depends on it.

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Billions of dollars are spent to maintain private detention facilities instead of investing in OUR communities. 


Private detention centers are a booming business, collecting big money for their corporate owners. They lobby, they donate to elected officials and have a huge influence over policies and laws. 


Our own tax dollars fund and facilitate this inhumane practice. OVER 8.8 BILLION TODAY.


We need to remember that immigrant justice has always been inextricably linked to racial justice and #justice805 means #AbolishICE and #DefundThePolice.

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For the 805 regions to thrive, it’s critical to ensure access to health care and basic programs. We can’t achieve this without reducing disparities that affect historically excluded or marginalized groups.

People of color face barriers to accessing health care, and when they do, they often receive suboptimal treatment and are most likely to experience poor outcomes in the health care system.

Disparities in health outcomes are unjust and avoidable. We need structural changes and strategies that ensure everyone has what they need to be healthy and well.

Here are a few ways to dismantle racial and health disparities, and support #Justice805:

1. Keep statewide solutions like #Health4All in the media spotlight. Every Californian, including our 805 communities, should have access to health care. Share your story & show why CA must remove barriers to Medi-Cal for undocumented Californians

2. Hold our health care system accountable. Call for BIPOC leadership in hospitals, public health depts, & health institutions. Hire staff that represents & builds trust w/ our communities. Those who have been impacted by the issues should be leading the work.

3. #Justice805 means holding our legislators accountable for prioritizing the wealthy over the health of our communities. Tell our Governor & leaders to #CommitToEquity and invest in low-income communities of color, which have been hit hardest by #COVID19

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Ventura County DA Greg Totten is NOT ensuring equal consequences for all and we must hold him accountable. A person with DACA status will be deported if they have a DUI conviction but not if they have a “Wet Reckless” conviction. It is possible for Ventura County District Attorney Greg Totten to ensure equal consequences for all by offering Wet Reckless charges instead of DUI charges to DACA recipients as part of the plea bargain. Wet Reckless and DUI convictions can hold the SAME CRIMINAL CONSEQUENCES FOR ALL. DA Totten has the power and the legal obligation to avoid adverse immigration consequences like deportation. DA Totten is NOT FOLLOWING THE LAW of Penal Code 1016.3 for DUI charges. DA Totten is not offering Wet Reckless charges for DACA recipients. He is not ensuring equal consequences for all and we must hold him accountable.

Ventura County DA Gregory Totten's Practice

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