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Our Interns

Jocelyn Cruz

Summer Intern

Hi! My name is Jocelyn and I am a first-generation student who recently graduated from California State University Channel Islands with a BA in Chicanx Studies. Growing up as the oldest daughter of immigrants and surrounded by a large immigrant population in Oxnard, I became conscious of the harsh realities affecting our undocumented community in Ventura County and the way immigration status intersects and influences many aspects of their day to day lives. This led me to become highly interested in the complexities of immigration law and motivated me to advocate for immigration rights and justice. While my time as a student at CSUCI has come to an end, I strive to continue seeking opportunities to further my education. Whether it be in aspects of immigration law, advocacy, and/or community organization efforts, I hope to get more involved and learn how to be a better ally to serve my community in whatever way I possibly can. 

Shay Rivera-Bremner

Summer Intern

I am Shay Rivera Bremner, currently a Junior at Foothill Tech High School. One thing I have always found gratitude in is public service and helping my community. Before the Pandemic, I volunteered at the Swap Meet Justice in Oxnard, and loved seeing people from all walks of life come together to help others. This is when I became enthusiastic about pursuing a career in law and to be an active ally to marginalized groups. I have always been interested in civil rights law, so I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to advocate for others while also getting introduced to immigration law along the way. 

Adriana Diaz

Summer Intern

Hello! I am Adriana Diaz (she/her/ella) and grew up mostly in Oxnard, California. I am a Mixteca from San Martin Peras, fluent in Mixteco, Spanish, and English. At age 1, my parents took me to our native town where I learned the language and about our culture and I came back to the United States at the age of 6 to start school. Helping my community has always been something I feel proud about because it is a way of giving back to the community that raised me. I often spend my time volunteering at local non-profits mostly serving the Mixteco community and have been doing so since high school.  


I am going into my third year at Cal State Channel Islands in Camarillo, CA as a first-generation student. I will be majoring in Sociology with a minor in Spanish in hopes of coming back and helping others within my community. I am currently an intern with the Law Office of Vanessa Frank for the summer of 2021 as a part of the notary fraud project in hopes of gaining more knowledge and experience with working in the community. During my free time I really like spending time with family; I also love going on hikes and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Abel Salvador Flores

Summer Intern

My name is Abel Salvador Flores and I recently graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. At Berkeley, I majored in Political Science, History, and Spanish Linguistics. Currently, I’m an intern at the Law Office of Vanessa Frank, where I hope to strength my knowledge of immigration law and my writing skills. In the future, I want to go to law school to pursue a degree in immigration law because it is one of the most important topics for me. As an immigrant myself, I understand challenges one goes through, and I want to be able to help and advocate on behalf my community. At the office, Lorella has provided me with amazing opportunity to strengthen my knowledge of immigration law and I hope that after my internship is over, I continue to work with her.

Carolina Apodaca

Summer Intern

Born in Oxnard, California I was lucky to grow up with a community that I had a personal connection with. Currently a student at Cal State Channel Islands majoring in History and Xicanx Studies. I’ve always been proud of where my family came from and I have grown a deep interest in learning about other people’s stories of migration. I think it’s important to know one's story and one’s culture and to take that with you wherever one walks through life. I hope to one day work at a museum so that I can be part of a team that creates a platform and space to showcase the art and history of communities of color. 

Sinai Soriano

Summer Intern

I am an active Indigenous organizer, student, friend and evolving youth who is moved by the positive transformation of her community. I am committed to the protection of the land and the preservation of ancestral knowledge and healing as well as acknowledging the injustices of the Juvenile Justice System against communities of Color. Over and above my dedication to community and kin, I am a full-time student who aspires to attend Law School to contribute to the liberation of Black, Indigenous and People of Color from colonial systems of oppression.