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Shealyn Massey

From a young age, I have aspired to use law and politics as a means of serving marginalized groups. In learning about the adversities and treatment of immigrants, I became passionate about aiding in immigration reform efforts and utilizing the privileges I have to empower others and amplify unsung voices. With this opportunity, I am excited to advocate for families and learn about the complexities of the immigration system. 


Currently, I am a rising sophomore at UC Berkeley studying Legal Studies and Public Policy. After, I plan to attend law school and enter a career in law and politics, continuing to serve my communities.

Jesus Ramos

Hi y’all, my name is Jesus Ramos and I am an intern at the Law Office of Vanessa Frank. I will be a rising senior at Channel Islands High School this fall. Being a part of this internship has taught me many things from how to create graphics to outreaching to others in a professional matter. This internship has strengthened my passion for advocacy and has made me certain that I want to go into immigration law in the future. I plan on double majoring in Political Science and Sociology with a minor in Chicanx Studies as I begin applying to college. Giving back to my community that has made me into who I am today.

Sofia Gonzalez-Rodriguez

My interest in law and politics largely stems from my multicultural family. I've always loved discussing political issues with my father, who was born in Puerto Rico. He instilled in me many of the values that make me who I am today.


I have been involved in my local Latinx community in the San Francisco East Bay Area in recent years, mainly by volunteering with a local community outreach organization. This internship is an amazing opportunity to explore my interest in immigration law and develop useful skills in a professional environment, but above all, I love feeling that I am cooperating with and making a greater difference within my community.

I am currently a rising senior at Amador Valley High School. In college, I want to continue to explore my interest in law. I plan to pursue a degree in Political Science (and maybe Sociology as well) and move on to law school, though I also have an interest in medicine.

Andrea Zamora

Hola! I'm Andrea and a recent graduate from California State University Northridge, class of 2020. I am a first-generation student and the first in my family to graduate from college, which I carry with great honor, gratitude, and consciousness. I double-majored in Psychology and Chicano Studies and I plan on utilizing what I learned from both fields as I pursue a career in law, civil rights, and social justice. 

As a daughter of immigrants, I grew up knowing some harsh realities and struggles many immigrants and marginalized people face here in the United States; labor-intensive work for unlivable wages, constant worry about the police, racial discrimination, language barriers, difficult process to apply for citizenship and more. As I began to learn more about systemic racism and injustice, my passion for social justice and advocacy grew. Instead of watching things happen to a group that is close to my heart, I decided to get involved, learn more about the citizenship process, and use my voice for those who cannot use theirs. 

I hope to continue with Vanessa Frank and work towards unifying, educating, and defending our community.

Stacie DeHaro

Currently, I am completing my last semester as a law student at the Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law. I also work full-time at a local family law office. Once admitted to the Bar, as a first-generation Mexican-American, I wish to use my own experience and fluency in Spanish to assist Ventura County’s Spanish-speaking only community. My family has suffered through immigration tribulations; therefore, I am hopeful this opportunity at the Law Office of Vanessa Frank will broaden my experience and guide me through ways to assist our Latinx community. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering; I've recently joined a local Legal Observers group to assist with current civil rights protests. I am ecstatic to be a part of such a wonderful and community-driven group!

Michael Paz

My childhood summers were typically spent with grandparents and great grandparents—individuals who immigrated to this country in the 1960s. I distinctly remember asking my family members questions, curious to learn more about how and why they emigrated from their home countries, Mexico and Costa Rica.


At the height of the 2016 presidential election, I saw this topic of conversation transition to the national level—and I was bothered by it. This sentiment has persisted throughout the past four years, especially as I learned of how immigrants and refugees are treated not only in the US but also across the world, namely the EU.


My goal is to give these individuals a voice and have our leaders recognize the humanity in these individuals, through working in law or politics. I am currently on my gap year; next year I will be attending Yale University, where I will be majoring in Political Science with a concentration in American Government.

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