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Samantha Melgarejo

I am currently a senior at Rio Mesa High School. I've really fallen in love with the Mexican culture that I grew up surrounded by and I had an opportunity to learn more about it and even be able to help out my community which I am thankful I am able to be a part of.I am getting my experiences and learnings and using them to be a part of something much bigger.

Shay Rivera-Bremner

Hello! I am Shay Rivera Bremner, currently a Junior at Foothill Tech High School. One thing I have always found gratitude in is public service and helping my community. Before the Pandemic, I volunteered at the Swap Meet Justice in Oxnard, and loved seeing people from all walks of life come together to help others. This is when I became enthusiastic about pursuing a career in law and to be an active ally to marginalized groups. I have always been interested in civil rights law, so I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to advocate for others while also getting introduced to immigration law along the way. 

Stacie DeHaro

Currently, I am completing my last semester as a law student at the Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law. I also work full-time at a local family law office. Once admitted to the Bar, as a first-generation Mexican-American, I wish to use my own experience and fluency in Spanish to assist Ventura County’s Spanish-speaking only community. My family has suffered through immigration tribulations; therefore, I am hopeful this opportunity at the Law Office of Vanessa Frank will broaden my experience and guide me through ways to assist our Latinx community. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering; I've recently joined a local Legal Observers group to assist with current civil rights protests. I am ecstatic to be a part of such a wonderful and community-driven group!

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