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About Our Practice

Lawful immigration status means so many different things to each individual. It can mean security. It can mean access to more stable or better-paying work. It can mean eligibility for financial aid. For some, securing lawful status is spiritual, they love this nation. For others, it is a pragmatic consideration as they work to build their lives. For us, securing lawful status, reuniting families and helping individuals and families set aside the heavy concerns of being undocumented, and sometimes the victim of a crime, is a mission.

Migrant farm workers
Ventura Pier Sign

Photo courtesy of Dave's Signs, Ventura, CA

It is our mission to engage our clients with their own power. To see them cast aside a layer of worry and concern and move forward to exercise their rights, to dream big and feel as though they have both feet on the ground and can move forward. We expect our clients - families, asylum-seekers, students, and victims of violent crime - to be interested and engaged as we guide them through the minefield of immigration law and policy to get the best possible outcome in each case. Immigration status is only the first step to bringing greater justice and human dignity to each person in this country, and around the world.

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The Law Office of Vanessa Frank engages immigrants and their allies with their own power

to achieve and defend human dignity in the United States and beyond.

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