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Karla Can

Our office proudly, and more than a little wistfully, announces that our paralegal Karla Can has accepted the position of Director of Legal Services at Immigrant Hope Santa Barbara! She will be directly assisting clients as a Fully Accredited Representative, as well as training other Accredited Representatives and continuing to build the capacity of that organization and the network of trained, credentialed, and caring immigration legal representatives in our region. While this is a very proud accomplishment, it also means that she has left our office and will no longer be working here.

We were incredibly fortunate to have Karla as part of our office. Since college, she has passionately and tirelessly worked to help the immigrant community. She joined the Law Office of Vanessa Frank in 2017, where she was a cheerful, efficient and highly skilled paralegal. Known for having the answers to most anything, Karla worked on family-based petitions including the preparation of I-601A waivers, asylum applications, VAWA and U-Status, and SIJS cases. During her time with us we were grateful for her paralegals, clerks, and many interns. She is inspiring and has made outstanding contributions to the immigrant community. She helped the Law Office of Vanessa Frank grow and continue to be a space where the clients feel comfortable and cared for. She is a fantastic coworker and friend who brings enthusiasm and compassion to her work.

We are wishing her the best of luck as she continues to grow, and we look forward to continuing to work with her as a colleague and friend in the work for human rights in our region and beyond. Thank you Karla!

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